There are many paradises. Mythical, for children, food, beer, cars, art, shopping etc. lovers, there are tropical or skying paradises, but there is only one Bohemian Paradise. All vacations or visits in various paradises are memorable, vacation in Bohemian Paradise is unforgettable. With BBW (Best Beers in the World), most friendly, Americans loving girls, boys, ladies and gentlemen, food which could be found only in paradise and prices, which as not as in paradise (free) are almost free (pint of top quality beer as little as thirty cents, gourmet dinner with bottle of good wine from two dollars, concert or theatre tickets from half dollar, public transportation next to nothing and free or almost free fun, Fun, FUN! Everything you desire, everything you would expect in real, not imaginary, paradise.

That, of course, include liberal laws, which are easy to obey. If you do not plan to rob or kill someone, you will be within the law. Why you should not be able to have beer any time of the day or night, in park or on the beach, on the street, why alcohol consumption should be restricted to certain hours? Why you should not be able to swim or sunbathe in the nude or observe others doing so, being, if you will prefer, fully clothed? You can do as you wish as long as you do not harm or restrict others.

Are you surprised that over fifty thousands Americans and many more thousands of other nationalities decided to live in this paradise permanently? It is easy to do - most of them make more money than they did or would in America, many became instant millionaires. Even this is paradise - business and financial paradise. As in paradise, there is almost 0% unemployment, which may interest those, who plan to stay longer and would be forced or inclined to work.

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Did I mentioned excellent wine? Yes, I did. Picture is comlete, nothing, which you may expect from paradise, is not missing. Or is it? Oh, yes. I forget. Good health should be part of the paradise, otherwise all paradise advantages will be devaluated or lost. There are spas, Bohemian spas. Whatever ailment or illness you have, spas can at least ease it and in most cases cure it. Not with drugs with sometimes terrible side effects, or using "bloody surgery". No, nothing of that sort. Bohemian spas heal naturally, like in paradise, using curative mineral waters, naturally radiactive muds, salts, herbs, acupuncture and other, centuries old methods, verified on millions on healed patients. All this is enhanced by discoveries of modern medicine, particularly balneology.

Even if you are healthy, you are only "relatively healthy" every body could benefit from regular "tune up" provided, excellently, by the Bohemian spas. Like regular service for your car can prevent serious troubles and prolong car life, or regular dental check-ups and dental care can make your teeth last lifetime, regular visits to Bohemian spas can make you more healthy, more energetic, more happy. And this. of course, will prolong your life, especially your active life. People in their seventies or even eighties report returned or increased vitality, including sexual appetite and performance.

Another benefit is weight loss. Achieved not by pils, starving, or strange, sometimes dangerous diet but by advances of modern medicine combined with "old medicine" such as acupuncture. And as each person has different mentality and different body, each person has different metabolism and different physical disposition. Thus what work for one may not or will not work for other. That's why only therapy and cure based on individual condition, established by thorough medical examination (all Bohemian spas have medical doctors on staff and many have in house laboratories) could be successful. Different methods, including partial or occassional reducing diet, are employed individually, to different persons.


PLUS one hyper-link to the URL of your choice. From $50.00 monthly.
Only one method is common to all able "weightloss candidates" - long walks in the woods, which many famous people, including kings, emperors and other royalty, artists, politicians or just "plain rich and famous" also experienced and loved. One of the most famous European poets, Goethe, loved them too, when, at the age of 74, as a result of those walks and cure in one of the most famous world spas, which is located, of course, in Bohemia, fell in love with seventeen years old Ulrika. You would not be able to fell in love with Ulrika, she died long time ago, but you may find other love besides love for this particular spa and romantic walks in the woods which this world famous spa is offering. Besides falling in love with this magical, exclusive resort or with people with whom you will walk or share other pleasures of your magical stay, you may fall in love with Bohemians, fun, food, beer, wine, songs and sex loving free spirits which are giving to all foreigners willing to learn free practical seminars how to live to the fullest.

And do not worry, nothing of that will cost you fortune, unles seventy dollars per day for accommodation, three meals, some drinks, medical care and most treatments, from classical massages to accupunture and/or mineral water baths is fortune by your standards. That would be only modest luxury, if you want real luxury in a spa hotel where emperors or kings spent many summers, in room where one of the world famous movie or other stars slept recently, that would cost you between twohundred to three hundred dollars per day.

That is paradise! Where is it? Far,far away. But for those, who know it is very close, as close as Caribbean, Mexico or even Florida. Do you want to visit it, do you want to experience it? Do you want to spend week or two or three or more in paradise? You can do it all once - spas are important part of the Bohemian Paradise. There is no good health without happines but there is also no happines without good health. What more you can ask for - health and happines in Paradise. Nobody can wish more. I wish everyone could be there. But this is not possible. Best things are always for selected few. Selection is usually done by someone else, people usually cannot select the best. Here you can, perhaps for the first and/or last time in your lifetime. Aren't you happy I wrote this, aren't you happy you read this?

So, if you want to be happy and healthy, write me. If you will convince me you deserve paradise, I will help you to go there.

"See you in Paradise or Go to Hell" is favored saying of many religions. It could apply in this case too.

Vratislav Kuska